The enlargement of male breasts is termed gynaecomastia. This occurs in three different periods in a males life: at birth, puberty and in the elderly. This is due to various hormonal changes in these time of a persons life.

Majority of men will have no medical condition creating the gynaecomastia. However a medical screening will have to be performed to rule out any rare condition. Patients who also have medical reason may still benefit from surgical correction.

The operations are done with a combination of liposuction removal and surgical excision of the harder tissue. The approach of the excision is done by a small incision on the lower half of the areolar. In certain patients where there is large amount of tissue removal, skin may also have to removed and hidden as a scar around the nipple.

This procedure is done as an outpatient and require two weeks away from routine life activities. The overall recovery will take six to nine months.