Carpal tunnel syndrome
This is a condition that affects the Median nerve that travels through a confined space in the wrist, the patient classically has pain or tingling in the thumb, index and middle fingers. In long standing cases the muscles of the thumb can be permanently weakened.
The surgical treatment is to make an incision over this tunnel, which is located on the palm to access the roof which is then opened.

The trigger finger
This is a condition where the finger gets caught in a bent poison and cannot straighten without assistance. This is due to the tendon which moves the finger not sliding smoothly through a tunnel located at the bottom of the finger. This is treated with opening a small section of the tunnel so that this increase the space for the tendon to glide easily.
This is performed with local anaesthesia and a small incision.

This condition is associated with pain in the wrist; on the side of the thumb. The pain can move up the forearm or to the hand. This is due to the tendons going to the hand being compressed in the tunnel at the wrist. This also is treated by a small incision and release of the tunnels.

The hand is often injured at the work place or doing social and daily activities. This can result in injuries which are simple cuts or deeper cuts that involve the tendons, blood vessels or nerves. These structures should be repaired accurately to ensure there restoration of function.