Scar Revision

Scars are formed after any type of injury, this could be surgical or accidental/non accidental. The scar being visible depends on a variety of reasons.
What is the skin type? Fairer persons create better scars.
What direction is the scar? The skin like wood has a grain that heal best when cut along with the grain. Surgeons normally try to plan incisions based on this knowledge.
How old is the scar? All scars go through a process of remodeling over a year. This is why we hear the that scars can fade with time, so scars which are relatively new may benefit from waiting for this remodeling.
Did the scar develop any complications? Was the wound closed, did it open up? Did it get infected? These factors may affect the final scar in a negative way.

The other myth is that scars can be removed by plastic surgery! Plastic surgery attempts to hide scars in areas where it is hidden by clothing or anatomical grooves. Each scar will have to be
assessed on it’s merit and decided whether the improvement created by surgery is worth the effort and acceptable level of change to each individual.